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Christian Healthcare Ministries is blessed to serve hundreds of thousands of Christians who rally together to voluntarily share each other's medical bills. Since 1981, members have been ministering both financially and spiritually as fellow Christians encounter medical needs. That's over 40 years of compassionate service! We're grateful to celebrate with you and share many exciting statistics as a recap of what CHM members have done in the past, and continue to do in the present for one another.

Medical bill sharing stats

It’s not unusual for CHM members to receive medical bill discounts of 55 percent or more, which equals tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings. These discounts are thanks to members' dedication to building relationships with their healthcare providers and billing teams, plus the hard work of CHM's Provider Relations team. Take a look at the total medical bill amounts before discounts versus how much CHM secured in discounts and financial assistance in 2022. After these discounts were applied, CHM members then shared over $671 million in one another's medical costs.

Total eligible bills Average discount


of eligible medical bills

were submitted in 2022

CHM members submitted more medical bills than ever from around the world.
This is roughly the equivalent to buying:

3,000 plane tickets

around the world

Asking healthcare providers for a discount does make a difference. In 2022, the average cost for CHM members' medical procedures was cut by an average 55 percent. Not only does this number sound impressive, it helps keep monthly gift amounts low. That's right: asking for discounts saves you money.

An average of


was saved due to discounts

and other forms of payment
See how eligible bills were shared in 2022

Christian Healthcare Ministries shares 100 percent of eligible medical bills. Since CHM’s inception, the ministry has satisfied over $8 billion in members’ healthcare costs. Take a look at the breakdown of how eligible bills were shared in 2022.

When God's people come together to support one another, it becomes a testimony to the watching world. Because of members' generosity every month as they send in their monthly financial gifts, CHM was able to support over 63 thousand families, and over 5 thousand new bundles of joy who made their appearance into the world.

First in nation to achieve independent accreditation

Based on the biblical principles of Galatians 6:2 and Acts 2 and 4, we apply our biblical calling to every aspect of our ministry—in the way we interact with members, encourage members to interact with each other, pray over medical bills, or talk with providers. That's also why we are the first health cost sharing ministry in the nation to have sought and earned independent third-party accreditation from Demotech. It's additional confirmation that we're committed to consumer protection as we serve God's people.

Social media stats

Net followers Engagements Impressions

CHM social media had over a 104 percent increase in followers than the previous year. We also received over 30 comments of prayers and encouragement in response to prayer requests for fellow members each week.

30+ comments each week

The CHM family was active on social media! There was over a 295 percent increase in likes, messages, and other engagement than the previous year. Just look at the total messages received from members through social media!

12,719 messages

There were over 14 million impressions last year, which is a 63 percent increase in impressions from the previous year. That means the CHM family is growing! CHM also received more messages through Instagram than the previous year. 

63.5% more

Spiritual resources: Strengthening the CHM family

God desires to have a personal relationship with each one of us. As we grow closer to Him, we uncover timeless truths and strengthen our relationships with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. With resources on topics including building a better marriage, starting a family, growing the fruits of the Spirit, hearing God's heart for healing, and more, you'll be equipped to serve in community. There's an abundance of content created just for you! Additionally, our CHM social media community continues to grow.

We knew we wanted to start a family in the future, so the Gold level maternity program was a perfect fit. Now that we’ve been through a maternity experience, we’re so happy with our choice!
Maternity member grateful for CHM Maternity member grateful for CHM By Rosanne Hostetler, Spencer, Wis.
During a “brush with death” emergency, you don’t think about how you’re going to pay. At the ER, I was never asked if I could afford the care they provided—they focused on saving my life.
Member with heart attack “sings CHM’s praises” Member with heart attack “sings CHM’s praises” Dale Holmes, Clarkesville, Ga.
As an entrepreneurial family, we’ve learned the value of flexibility. When the worst-case scenario finally happened, we were lucky we had CHM.
“We're so thankful for CHM,” says entrepreneurial family “We're so thankful for CHM,” says entrepreneurial family By Michael Widuck, Canton, Ohio
The very first time I had to go to a doctor and have some surgery done, it was so exciting to find out that I could share my eligible medical bills with CHM every time something like this happened.
Drawn to God’s calling: Artist supported by CHM family Drawn to God’s calling: Artist supported by CHM family Dee Deloy, Orlando, Fla.
I started experiencing symptoms at the end of summer. At first, I suspected an ear infection. But after two weeks of feeling very tired and dizzy after eating, I thought maybe I had COVID-19...or was I having a stroke? I didn’t know what was happening.
Self-employed member suffers high blood pressure, obtains 90 percent discount on hospital bill Self-employed member suffers high blood pressure, obtains 90 percent discount on hospital bill Mike Tisdell, Lawrenceville, Texas
Chloe, my daughter, is the No. 1 wrestler in the nation for her weight. One day, during training, she tore her left labrum, which is the cartilage that lines and reinforces your shoulder joint. During her next tournament, she tore her right shoulder’s labrum.
Top USA wrestler says "God will provide"; thanks CHM family Top USA wrestler says "God will provide"; thanks CHM family Michelle Ogden, Maitland, Fla.
So we went to a church together where they were having a revival, and I knelt down and said, “Lord, he’s in your hands now.”
Oldest CHM member, first of four generations of CHM members, says thank you Oldest CHM member, first of four generations of CHM members, says thank you Kenneth Peterson, Fort Scott, Kan. and Kenneth Peterson Jr., Milton, Wash.
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