Brother's Keeper

Change beginning January 1, 2022
CHM’s Brother’s Keeper program will be billed monthly rather than quarterly at a rate of $20 per unit.

CHM's catastrophic bills program

Brother’s Keeper is your safeguard against catastrophic illness or injury. Brother’s Keeper is a low-cost, biblically-based program enabling CHM members to meet medical bills that exceed the $125,000 limit per illness specified in the CHM Guidelines.

Gold level members: Signing up for Brother’s Keeper provides unlimited cost support per illness (diagnosis).

Silver and Bronze members: Signing up for Brother’s Keeper provides an additional $100,000 of cost support. With each annual Brother’s Keeper renewal, participants receive an additional $100,000 of assistance, up to $1 million per illness.

For medical needs exceeding $125,000, Brother’s Keeper members send a quarterly designated gift amount (average* amount: $45 per membership unit; see our cost calculator) to the CHM office, where it is deposited in an audited Member Sharing Account. There is also a $40 annual, nonrefundable fee per membership.

Members must be enrolled in Brother's Keeper prior to experiencing any signs, symptoms, testing or treatment for sharing of bills over $125,000. Please note, however, that there is no Brother's Keeper sharing for congenital conditions or birth defects. Please also see the CHM Guidelines for information about Brother's Keeper and pre-existing conditions.

To join Brother’s Keeper, check the box on the CHM Member Application. If you are already a CHM member and want to join Brother's Keeper, please use the free Member Portal or call our Member Services department at 1-800-791-6225, ext. 5993.

*Please note: Brother’s Keeper operates differently than the Gold, Silver or Bronze programs. Quarterly amounts are calculated by taking the total dollar amount of medical bills eligible for Brother’s Keeper sharing and dividing by the number of Brother’s Keeper participants. This is why CHM recommends budgeting an average amount of $45 per membership unit, per quarter.

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