Baby born seven weeks premature; CHM shares 100 percent of eligible bills, Amanda Burton, Springerville, Arizona

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At 32 weeks, my water broke. My mind raced: It’s too early!

I rushed to our local, rural hospital, but they couldn’t deliver a baby prior to 34 weeks. I hurried from there to a larger hospital, where they were able to stop my labor. I stayed there for a week before baby Alice was delivered at 33 weeks, almost seven weeks premature.

It was a difficult pregnancy. There were issues with my placenta, which caused bleeding, and then we had hospital stays on top of that. Once Alice was born, she stayed in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for 10 days before we were able to bring her home.

CHM was helpful with every part of the process. Since we stayed in two different hospitals and the NICU, we had bills coming from all over. I negotiated discounts with each healthcare provider, and CHM helped me secure those discounts and sent my reimbursement check quickly.

I was so grateful for my Brother’s Keeper membership because our bills exceeded $125,000. I can never fully describe my overwhelming gratitude when we received the amount we needed to pay the remaining bills.

Just as my sister recommended CHM to me, I recommend CHM to everyone. The process was very straightforward, and I knew that everyone I talked to was looking out for me. For any questions I had, I could call the ministry and talk with the Member Services representatives or consult their maternity guide on the website (

Having a premature baby is scary, but CHM was fantastic. Because of generous members, the financial side of our pregnancy was smooth as possible. Thank you for being a blessing to me and my family!

Seven weeks early—watch Amanda’s story of premature birth and CHM members’ faithfulness

At 32 weeks, Amanda Burton’s water broke. With one thought racing through her mind—it’s too early!—she rushed to the hospital. After a week-long hospital stay and the baby’s 10 days in intensive care, the bills piled up around her. She was confident that her fellow CHM members would take care of her—and they did.


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