Drawn to God’s calling: Artist supported by CHM family, Dee Deloy, Orlando, Fla.

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God gave me a gift to draw. I started doing caricaturing and was a Disney artist at one time. I was painting dinosaurs, putting fur on monkeys, and painting sets for Epcot to open. But I had this idea that God only had me there for a short period. So, following His direction, I decided I’d work in my own business, which I called Newstart Art.

Being an entrepreneur as an artist is a little scary sometimes. If you need to stay in the hospital for a while or you have some kind of surgery—it’s expensive! I thought to myself, how in the world am I going to afford this? CHM was totally different from anything that I’d ever heard of before, but I thought, well, why not try this?

I joined at the Gold level with Brother’s Keeper. The very first time I had to go to a doctor and have some surgery done, it was so exciting to find out that I could share my eligible medical bills with CHM every time something like this happened. They took care of me very well, and after that I knew that I didn’t have to worry about my bills anymore.

As a senior, I began Medicare last year, and I stayed with CHM. I’ve used CHM for a couple of different instances since then. The Medicare summary and the Sharing Request Packet is all they need at CHM, so I didn’t have to get itemized medical bills or send the bills. I just sent the summary, and they took care of everything after that. It was very easy.

I’m glad my money is going to take care of other people and I’m bearing one another’s burdens. That’s what this is all about. It’s so good being able to help one another. I would much rather pay extra in addition to the Medicare money knowing that it’s going to Christians.

After accomplishing all the things that I’ve done for the last 42 years in the art field, I can honestly tell you that CHM is the best decision that I’ve made for any part of my life. I would do this until I’m 120 (and after).

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