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With CHM, stroke victim was “never worried or stressed” about costs

By Brian Weissberg, Princeton, Texas


Even amid trials, God has a plan. This became evident to Brian Weissberg when a mild stroke revealed a more serious medical condition. Thanks to CHM members, Brian was able to focus on healing and his family, trusting that CHM members would support them through the medical expenses.


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How CHM champions consumer protections (and why it matters to you)

We support consumer protection because we support integrity. As America’s first and longest-serving health cost sharing ministry, CHM wants to give you the tools and data that enhance, simplify, and serve your needs. Read more about the consumer protection process and discover why third-party accreditation makes a difference.


How to save money on healthcare:
Tips from CHM’s Provider Relations team

Every year the cost of healthcare is rising, which means average Americans have less financial flexibility. Dr. Jacobson and Kevin Summers, a Provider Relations specialist at CHM, discuss how you can combat these issues and save on healthcare!


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dave tschantzWhy is CHM unique?

CHM was the nation’s first health cost sharing ministry. As the pioneers of this model and as its standard-bearer, our obligation is to continue setting the standard. CHM is guided by a set of 14 best-practice ministry standards. CHM Vice President and General Counsel, David Tschantz, explains CHMs best-practice ministry standard.


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