Four things you should know about CHM

As a CHM member, you’re part of a body of believers who serve as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. Even when there’s no crisis at hand, every day we see members caring for each other. During extraordinary times, we've seen CHM members make extraordinary gestures of Christian love and goodwill. It’s our honor to glorify God by continued service to you, just as we have done for nearly 40 years.

As such, there are a few key things I want to make sure you know about the coronavirus and how CHM is responding:

1. We’re praying for you…

and we haven’t stopped since all of this began. We know that God has a plan and purpose for everything, but we also know that many of you are suffering physically and financially right now. Our hope is that CHM can be a beacon of hope for you in the midst of challenging times, because…

2. We continue to serve you. 

Please know that we’re still working diligently behind the scenes to serve you, even though some processes and procedures look a bit different. For example, some of our employees are working from home. Others are working in-office hours following strict health protocols that will keep our staff safe, so they can continue to share your medical bills and perform other essential ministry functions.

3. CHM will continue to share eligible medical bills and we can financially support any bills submitted for COVID-19—along with bills for other health conditions.

The ministry employs strong financial principles, including operating within a debt-free framework, analyzing and adjusting monthly costs to make sure medical bills are shared despite rising healthcare costs, and working with members and healthcare providers to secure the best prices for medical procedures. In addition, since the end of 2019, internal procedural improvements enabled CHM staff to shave 60 days off the ministry’s medical bill sharing time. That’s right, 60 days! This will help CHM members from being affected financially by the coronavirus pandemic as it relates to medical bill sharing time.

4. Please engage with us online.

There are a number of ways:

  • CHM’s Member Portal: The Portal is the best and easiest way to send medical bills and make monthly financial gifts. In addition, we’ve recently added a new feature to view in your Portal any missing documents we need from you to process your medical bills. (You’ll also receive an email notification to the email address CHM has on file.)
  • Our coronavirus page contains the latest updates, including almost-daily “situation report” videos from CHM Medical Director Dr. Michael Jacobson.
  • Join our social media community @iheartchm for updates and encouragement.


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What do I need to know about the coronavirus?

Testing and treatment for coronavirus (COVID-19) is shared under CHM’s Guidelines, just as are costs for any testing or treatment for a confirmed illness, with Personal Responsibility amounts that depend upon the member’s participation level. As with other medical issues, Personal Responsibility amounts can be reduced based on discounts arranged with providers.

Want the latest information about the coronavirus and how it affects CHM medical bill sharing? Check out our coronavirus page here.

How does the coronavirus affect CHM's operations?

Ohio Gov. Mike Dewine has ordered the statewide closure of schools, restaurants, bars, bowling alleys, elections, barber shops – and the list is sure to grow. To this point, coronavirus has been confirmed in 24 counties, and the infection is undoubtedly spreading to others.

To do its part to protect the health and safety of each employee, their families and neighbors, and our state and nation, CHM has voluntarily suspended most operations for 14 days, through April 4, per the social distancing recommendations from elected officials and medical authorities.

Your medical bills (for coronavirus or other eligible medical incidents) can - and should be – sent to CHM. We encourage you to do so using CHM's Member Portal. The CHM staff will process your medical bills as quickly as we are able.

For complete information, please see CHM's coronavirus page which provides periodic updates and informational resources.

Important note: As there will be no employees in our buildings, communications will be limited. You may also contact CHM staff through our contact page, our social media channels, and by emailing

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